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Vijay Gajra

Chairman - Ellora Group
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Vijay Gajra, the Founder and Chairman of the Ellora Group, is a true visionary with a heart of gold. From humble beginnings, he has built a real estate empire that is now a beacon of hope and prosperity for countless individuals and families in Mumbai and beyond. With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Vijay's expertise in commercial projects, residential builds, and township developments is unrivaled. But it's not just his technical skills that make him stand out - it's his unwavering commitment to his core values of safety, excellence, and community.

For Vijay, it's not just about constructing buildings; it's about creating homes and communities where people can thrive and build their dreams. He understands that every brick, every beam, and every detail of his projects has the power to transform lives and make a lasting impact.

Vijay's passion for his work is contagious, and his team at Ellora Group reflects his unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Under his leadership, they have completed some of the most impressive projects in the region, from corporate parks and shopping malls to commercial offices and residential complexes.

But for Vijay, success is not just measured in buildings constructed or profits earned. It's about making a positive difference in people's lives and giving back to the community that has supported him throughout his journey.

Today, as the Ellora Group continues to grow and expand, Vijay remains at the heart of the company's success. His unwavering commitment to his core values and his deep love for his community make him a true inspiration to all those who work with him. He is a testament to the fact that with hard work, determination, and a compassionate heart, anything is possible.

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